Customer Testimonials

Gluten-Free Dream Plant-Based Cooking Class – Lisa Dumaine

Hippie chopping coriander
What a fabbo night ! Great food, learning, company & fun = happy tummy & great sleep.  Susie is so warm, inclusive & natural in her approach, which is awesome. I highly recommend her classes & book, not just to learn about healthier food habits (that are importantly super YUM), but inevitably the flow on effect for life. Thanks champion Susie!

Gluten-Free Dream Plant-Based Cooking Class – Jordan Hoffman

Hippie chopping coriander

Thank you for showing us and teaching us all about your cooking. You are such a beautiful, talented lady. They have been so much fun and its been really exciting each time to learn, and to use different ingredients that I never knew about or what you can use them for. So thank you so much. Lots of love and blessing to you. Cant wait for the next one!

Gluten-Free Dream Plant-Based Cooking Class – Danny Redbard

Hippie chopping coriander

Susie answered every nutrition, taste, cultural question like food was the easiest and most exciting topic in the world.
I loved the energy, and the food. I’ll be coming back.

Gluten-Free Dream Plant-Based Cooking Class – Lisa Villeneuve

Hippie chopping coriander

Susie is warm & so inviting that the atmosphere of the class is fun & easy. No question is off limits & even for a beginner like me she put me at ease. I loved the class & not to mention eating the yummy food you get to make. Highly recommend this plant based cooking class! Recipes are just divine.

Vegan Thai Cookbook – Micayla Nash

Vegan Thai Recipes Cookbook: The Hippie Cook

Can recommend this cookbook 120%! 💝 It advertised 15 recipes (so quite a small ebook I thought) but turns out it’s a wonderful 60+ page ebook with beautiful photos! AND DOGS! It’s worth it for the dogs 🙂 With this ebook you really get to feel the love generated for the animal sanctuary and animals there. An awesome cause and awesome recipes. Keep up the wonderful work Hippie Cook 💟

Kamran Aazami

The Hippie Cook Cookbook Main Meals to Feed Your Bellies

I just wanted to say thank you Susie for this amazing cookbook. It cheers me up just looking at it! Today I managed to try one of the recipes tonight and even had a Taiwanese friend for dinner and she loved the food and said how amazing the sauce was!!! I tried the Scrumptious Stir-fry Rice Noodles, Tofu and Vegetables. Well, Susie you rock! If you haven’t bought this book yet then you are missing out. – Kamran

Beau Walker

I had no idea just how tasty vegan food could really be. I started following and making The Hippie Cook’s easy little meals and my body has never been happier! I’ve always been interested in trying to eat Vegan where I can but always thought it was going to be a huge effort, this made it easy, enjoyable and most of all not boring! I would highly recommend this!

Beau Walker

Plant-Based Mexican Cooking Class – Roxane Agius

Hippie chopping coriander

The class flowed so beautifully from beginning to end. Susie made everyone feel warm and welcome, and in the kitchen she ensured everyone was involved. Together we created an incredible feast, had so much fun doing so and I’m so grateful I got to be a part of the evening. I won my ticket via the competition on Instagram! We stayed till late chatting and enjoying the company of the new people we had enjoyed dining with so much. Made an awesome meal and some awesome new connections! Definitely inspired to put more love into my cooking. Thank you Susie!

Roxane Agius

Plant-Based Mexican Cooking Class – Teri Milane

Hippie chopping coriander

Last night was so much fun! And so delicious! Even as someone who cooks a lot, I got so many new ideas and great tips. And I got to meet some really lovely new people ☺️ Thank you so much Susie! Can’t wait for the next one!

Teri Milane

Plant-Based Mexican Cooking Class – Michelle Saunderson

Hippie chopping coriander

What an amazing night!!! Completely high on life right now – just cooked and ate dinner with 13 strangers who are now friends ❤️ only one wine and so many laughs!!! Best cooking class ever ❤️❤️ Thanks Susie, The Hippie Cook

Michelle Saunderson

Chocolate Peppermint Layer Cake – Kellie de Ruyter

Vegan chocolate cake peppermint buttercream chocolate ganache

The cake was delicious and a massive hit with my non-vegan friends, one of whom even said it was possibly the best cake she has had. A win for the vegans! Haha. The choc mint combo is definitely a winner! 👌 My non-vegan friends were also surprised to learn that Oreos and Whittakers dark chocolate are vegan. So the cake was an educational tool also! Thanks, Susie! 😊

Kellie de Ruyter

Black Forrest Cupcakes – Katie Culpin

Vegan black forrest cupcake

I got a dozen black forest cupcakes for my bestie’s birthday. They were absolutely delicious and I would highly recommend The Hippie Cook for any of your baking/celebration needs!

Katie Culpin

Raspberry Chocolate Mousse Layer Cake – Jessica Jane

Vegan chocolate raspberry mousse cake

The most delicious vegan cakes ever! Susie is so lovely to deal with and had everything carefully packed and beautifully made.

Jessica Jane

Lentil & Quinoa Stew – James Hilan

Lentil Quinoa Stew

I had this lentil & quinoa stew recipe saved in my Chrome favourites ‘recipes’ folder for ages, was looking for a kickass winter stew the other night and decided to make it. Didn’t realise the name of the blog till having another look now and it’s your recipe!! Just wanted to say it’s legit one of the nicest stews I’ve ever had, simple and effective and the combo of spices is great, perfect for winter and I will defs be making it again 🙂 Cheers!

James Hilan