Vegan Smoothie Bowl Recipes

Vegan Smoothie Bowl Recipes Ebook

Breakfast Bowls and my Journey Around the World

I hope this vegan smoothie bowl recipes ebook inspires you to add a little more colour, beauty and well-being into your mornings, and ultimately allowing that to flow on into the rest of your day and your life!

Infinite love,

The Hippie Cook xx



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In this downloadable 72-page super colourful smoothie bowl ebook you will find a collection of 32 of my favourite colourful breakfasts and smoothie bowls, PLUS 3 homemade granolas, 3 homemade plant milks and HOW TO MAKE COCONUT YOGHURT!

A 100% plant-based smoothie bowl ebook created to show the world how exciting, colourful, delicious, and simple vegan breakfasts can be. I promise you everyone will enjoy the recipes in this cookbook!

ONLY $9.95!!!

This cookbook is all about beautiful, inspiring, colourful and uplifting breakfast bowls! This book shows you how to make over 32 deliciously fresh breakfasts including smoothie bowls, overnight oats, exciting takes on porridge, granola bowls, fruit platters and parfaits and more! PLUS 3 homemade granola recipes, 3 super easy plant-based milk recipes and how to make your very own coconut yoghurt for under 99c in under 2 minutes preparation time!

I created the recipes in this cookbook as I was travelling through Europe and Asia in 2017 and 2018. The order of the recipes follows my trip and each of the photos was taken at that time in the part of the world where they were created!

My journey around the world was filled with challenges, heartache, growth and self-discovery, ultimately leading to transformation and evolution. Creating the recipes in this book helped me through the challenges by providing me with a creative outlet and by inspiring me to continue to eat fresh, healthy, whole foods to cultivate well-being not only in my physical body, but also in my mind.

My mission is for EVERYONE to realise the full potential of plant-based food. Vegan food does not have to be boring! The most amazing food I’ve had in my life has been vegan!

My favourite pastime is to cook beautiful, delicious af, plant-based dishes for non-vegans and watch their faces as they realise how spectacular vegan food can be.

When I create recipes, my goal is to achieve a dish that does not ‘taste vegan’. So I promise you that not only vegans, but vegetarians and omnivores also, will all love my recipes!

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