Breathe with me Freebies

Yoga Pilates Barre Meditation

Breathe with me Freebies

Yoga Pilates Barre Meditation

Hey beautiful friends!

Just wanting to share my classes with you all. I hope they bring you a sense of love, connection and comfort within. Join me for your own slice of zen right at home! If you love what I share, and you feel called, any donations would be greatly appreciated so that I can continue to share these videos with you all!

Infinite love, Susie

I'm sharing a FREE livestream beginners community yoga class EVERY Thursday 6pm via zoom.

Follow this link to register!


Livestream Beginners Community Yoga 8:
Nourish & Nurture Yourself

This class really focuses on releasing through the neck, shoulders and lower back. This is a super gentle stretch-based class suitable for all levels. You'll need a cushion, pillow or bolster for this class. Enjoy the delicious stretches! xx
Beautiful friends! I'll be livestreaming beginners community yoga every Thursday night at 6pm (Brisbane time, AEST, GMT+10) for the foreseeable future! I'd love for you to join me, simple follow this link to register! I'll also be uploading them here for you to join in afterwards too if you are in other parts of the world.
Infinite love xxx

Livestream Beginners Community Yoga 7:
Feel Yourself into the Present

This class strengthens the core and legs, works on balance, opens the glutes and releases the lower back xx

Livestream Beginners Community Yoga 6:
Allow Yourself to Receive

Requests for this class were: thread the needle pose, chest openers, hip flexor stretches & pigeon pose xx

Livestream Beginners Community Yoga 5:
Flow with the Breath

Requests for this class were neck & shoulder stretches, glute stretches & lower back release xx

Livestream Beginners Community Yoga 5:
Flow with the Breath

Requests for this class were neck stretches, wrist stretches, heart openers & glute stretches. xx

Livestream Beginners Community Yoga 4:
Grounding in the Present Moment

Livestream Beginners Community Yoga 3:
Find Your Purpose to Practice

Livestream Beginners Community Yoga 2:
Going with the Flow

Guided Chakra Visualisation

A 20 minute guided chakra visualisation meditation that will leave you feeling energetically aligned, peaceful and full of deep joy. Use this in the morning right after you wake up to start your day in a beautiful peaceful state, at night before bed to cleanse you of your day, or anytime throughout the day that you need a little time to re-energise.

Tibetan Purification
Breathing Practise (Pranayama)

A 10 minute breathing practise meditation that is said to cleanse the central energy channel in the body - sushumna nadi (the river of light) - that runs in the centre of the spinal cord. This is a beautiful practise, especially great for beginners as the movement of the arms incorporated with the breath distracts the busy mind by giving it a lot of things to focus on! Use this first thing in the morning to start your day in a peaceful state, at night before bed to help you relax, anytime you're feeling stressed, overwhelmed or anxious, or anytime you need a little self love and self care!!

Livestream Beginners Community Yoga 1:
Love & Connection

15 minute Good Morning Heart-Centred Meditation

Start your morning happy, smiling and full of love with this grounding yet uplifting 15 minute meditation. Feel a connection with the earth, the universe and your heart and feel into the universal frequency of love. Great for beginners as I explain how to find your most comfortable seat before we begin! Skip to 3.50 to skip this explanation and get straight into your meditation.

Or download the audio file with just the meditation (skipping the explanation on how to find your most comfortable seat) so that you can save it to your device and listen whenever you like! x

Build up to Taking Flight in Bakasana, Crow Pose
50min Yoga Class

A vinyasa yoga sequence to develop the strength and flexibility required for crow pose, with instruction and modifications on how to get into crow pose for beginner students.

Feel free to take child's pose whenever you need and swap any planks/chatarungas for child's pose. Advanced students can swap knees/chest/chin for chatarunga and baby cobra to upward facing dog in the vinyasas.

20min Intermediate Vinyasa Flow Yoga Class

Vinyasa flow yoga class for intermediate students. Always listen to your body and do what you can, you know your body better than anyone else! Don't forget to breathe 🙂